We are receiving loads of calls, messages, and shout outs from our community and it’s humbling, exciting, and a bit overwhelming.

THANK YOU for your love and support. We couldn’t do this without the support of our community and we are so grateful.

We are waiting on a couple of things before we announce our grand opening date, but please rest assured, it’s coming in the next few weeks. Pinkie swear.

Thank you again for reaching out and letting us know that we are doing the right thing.


Waste free- the struggle

I’m very much a person who wants to lessen our impacts on the planet. Doing that is much easier said than done. We ordered a bulk bin station for our store, with the hopes of significantly reducing waste from packaging and such. However, the amount of packaging that went into our bulk station, is truly mind boggling. Our little one LOVED the mountain of paper and foam, but inside, I was dying a little.

Granted, we are going to recycle every shred possible, it still broke my heart to see this heap of waste. Our bulk station is now assembled, and awaiting our goods to fill it. This is exciting to me. I love the ‘waste-free’ ideal, and have managed to reduce the amount of stuff we toss at home. I will do my best with doing that at the store as well. I’m trying to get a recycling bin there to help that along.

Because of my passion for reducing our waste, Veggie Rebellion will not provide single use plastic bags of any kind. No shopping bags, no bulk bags. Instead, we encourage our customers to bring reusable shopping bags and containers for bulk items from home. We will have a scale so you don’t pay extra for the weight of the container, and only pay for the weight of your goods. This is the only honest way to do business, in my mind.

We will have jars for purchase, all kinds of shapes and sizes. We will have bags for purchase too, in case you forget yours. This is not to ‘make a buck’, but rather to encourage everyone to do their part in changing the shopping experience, and recognize the consequences of our buying habits.

So please join us in our Rebellion against the system and embrace the world we want to create. We are making strides every day as we get closer to our grand opening. Please stay tuned for updates on that. They’ll be coming soon.

Thank you for your continued love and support!

Space, the final frontier…

First, let me welcome you to the Veggie Rebellion blog.

We are an independently owned, 100% vegan grocery store in Glendale, Arizona (it’s a sister city to Phoenix).  We started as an idea, and grew into a popup, and have grown further into a physical storefront. This blog will document the road to our opening, and random thoughts along the way. Once the store opens, this blog will be a place to learn about happenings at the store and whatever else we want to talk about.

Thank you for your love and support during our journey. Our local vegan community has been marvelously supportive and has shown nothing but love toward our endeavor. So strap in, and come along with us on our adventure into the great beyond.