Rebellious and Independent

Yesterday was a combination of things. First, it was Veggie Rebellion’s first party on our new patio. We’ve had a couple of small gatherings with staff and close friends, but this was a public event.

It wouldn’t be VR without a few snags along the way, but what possibly could we learn if things work out perfectly the first time? I’m typically a slow learner too, so there’s that.

However, there were some exciting highlights:

-Raul’s Cocina’s vegan tamales sold out in record time- just over 1 hour!

-So Juicy Cafe sold out of everything but horchata before the end of the day.

-We had the highest grossing Wednesday since we’ve been a business.

It was beautiful meeting new friends, spending some time with our old friends, and seeing everyone having such a good time.

What I learned for the next event:

-The hose to the mister system leaks, a LOT. Much of the patio was drenched and that wasn’t ideal. So we will be changing a few things.

-The heat at 3pm is much different than 6pm. Wherever possible, later will be better. Because our courtyard is walled on 3 sides, the sun will be in a much better place later in the afternoon as well.

All in all, despite hiccups in communication , technology, and the misters, we had a wonderful time with all our friends in the community. Thank you all for spending your day with us, and allowing us to be a gathering place for us all. You rock!

Until next time…


The mayor of Glendale!

Mayor Jerry Weiers paid Veggie Rebellion a visit recently, and chose us as his business of the week! We are honored and grateful for the experience and for the support of our community. Thank you Glendale for being so awesome.

Check out the video below!


AZ Microcredit Initiative and VR

A while back the State Press contacted us about Arizona Microcredit Initiative, and to see if we’d be interested in giving an interview. We happily agreed to tell our story.

For people who may not be familiar with how Veggie Rebellion came to be, AMI (a local, student- staffed nonprofit organization, based in Tempe, Arizona) was instrumental in getting us into the Glendale Farmer’s Market. With their funding we bought the necessary tents and tables, as well as bought products to sell at the market. In only a few short months, we found a personal friend that saw how well we were doing and helped us get into a retail space. Without AMI, we never would have gotten the momentum necessary to get to where we are.

Veggie Rebellion and our staff are eternally grateful for their dedication and belief in us.

Here’s the article from the State Press : ARTICLE

Let there be patio!!

For anyone who has seen the back of our little store, they know it didn’t look like this before.

It was basically a concrete sidewalk surrounded by a grassy ravine on either side. It was NOT pretty and even less useful. So we had a patio installed this week. It’s amazing and we are so excited to use it!

This will be the setting for events, movies, and much more. Stay tuned to our website and social media for all the great things coming up. Our first event will be a Rebellious Ice Cream Social with special guests Raul’s Cocina and So Juicy Cafe. July 4th, from 3-6pm on the VR patio behind the store.

Come see us!!

Hot Summers, Cool Projects

We’ve been fully embracing some really interesting happenings here at Veggie Rebellion. There have been good things and amazing people gracing us on a daily basis, connections being made, eyes and hearts opening, and so much more. We’ve made friends with fellow businesses, met some new friends, and lent helping hands to those in our community in need. The VR Staff has been incredibly fortunate.

That’s not to say there hasn’t been challenges. As with any new venture, things can be incredibly stressful, finances tight, and changes needing to be made. We have experienced all of these things and more. However, we take every day as it comes, and do the very best we can for our community.


With that being said, one new partnership that we are quite proud of is working with a non-profit organization here in Arizona to deliver books on practical philosophy, art, yoga and meditation, as well as veganism to people who are incarcerated. The Prisoners Literature Project and Dharma Action are determined to get these materials into the hands of those that need it. We are accepting donations here at the store, and will be offering a 5% discount for those who donate.



In addition to that, we are going to start a fun construction project in the coming days to install a sweet patio behind our store. We are one of the few businesses that have our own private outdoor space. This space is going to be the setting for many events in the coming months. We’ve been eagerly awaiting the installation, and it’s getting closer by the minute. The first order event on our new patio is going to be a members-only party. For more details on how to become a member of the Souse Vegan Social Club, please check out our website.

souse social club We are trudging along this summer, and the heat is definitely a challenge that we endure year after year. These heat related challenges are particularly true for a small grocery store like us, since we’re not in the East Valley, and our friends from the East are less likely to come out and support us when there are many places they can shop along the way. VR hopes to attract these folks back because we’ve got the products that many other retailers don’t, thanks to some amazing partnerships that we’ve created with brands everyone love. But beyond the stuff you can walk away with from Veggie Rebellion, you’ll get friendly service and a safe place to ask any burning questions you may have about products or veganism in general. Not only that, you’ll be supporting a small, exclusively vegan, local business that has been able to employ several people because of how many people have come out to support us already this year. We are truly grateful for all your love and support through the trials and excitement of this wacky adventure.

We’re all in this together and we hope that you’ll come support us throughout the warmer months so we can still be here for you in the cooler ones.

Thanks for reading and hope to see you soon!

The VR Team



In good company

store exterior

This New Times Article is awesome!

Veggie Rebellion is proud to be included in the company of some of our absolute favorite eateries. We are humbled, yet again, to be included in the ranks, let alone the only one representing our kick-ass state. Thank you Phoenix New Times for including us, thank you to Glendale and our customers for all the love and support.

Keep it Rebellious!

The VR Team



Our reason for being

“Ikigai (生き甲斐, pronounced [ikiɡai]) is a Japanese concept meaning “a reason for being”. Everyone, according to the Japanese, has an ikigai. Finding it requires a deep and often lengthy search of self.”

As an ethical vegan, it’s simple to say my ‘reason for being’ is to help end the use and suffering of animals. As a person on this planet, my life has revolved around helping others. As a business owner, I’ve figured out a way to do them both.

Opening Arizona’s only vegan grocery store has been a source of stress, anxiety, humility, humor, and personal freedom. But I know we are having a positive impact on our community, no matter what. Just by existing, we are providing a valuable service to people, and spreading the vegan message in a non-confrontational way. We are open to conversations with people who are not vegan, and have even engaged those that just want to start an argument. It takes all kinds, and we meet people where they are, not where we think they should be in their journey.

The reason for being at Veggie Rebellion, as an owner, employee, or patron are far and wide, but we all find ourselves sharing this space and time, where our paths connect. It’s a beautiful purpose that I’ve been fortunate enough to embrace. Providing a space and holding it for myself and all that enter.