We love this community.

We are so grateful for the community that we’ve found ourselves in, and have created for ourselves. We’ve built a place where we have wonderful friends, and our city has so many great vegan options. It’s amazing. We are so humbled and grateful.

If you didn’t catch it live on 3tv, here’s the story!

3tv segment

Thanks to all of our other merchants! We appreciate you.


Be the change.

We were thrilled yesterday to be the hub for Downtown Glendale’s first “vegan option” restaurant showcase. What’s that, you say? Well, our local news crew from the city came down to showcase all of the spots you can eat and drink vegan in Downtown Glendale. There were 6 options this time, and soon, they’ll grow into many more. Crazily enough, these weren’t even ALL of them!

We are excited for what’s to come of this exposure for everyone that made it out. Each spot got to talk about what they do, how it’s going, and where they are.

Check out the video HERE for those of you who have Facebook.

Vegans are taking over & other fun

We’ve had some really exciting things happening to us this summer! We’re beginning some great relationships, doing some awesome projects, and I cannot wait to see what’s in store for us going into the cooler months. I can say, for the record, it’s going to be EPIC.

Here’s an article that just was published about veganism in the Valley. It features some of our friends, as well as us. Shout out to The Vegan Taste! It’s really awesome that veganism is on the rise, but also truly inspiring that people are embracing the change for the animals, for the environment, and for their health.

best of phx

Not only are we featured in the article about veganism, but (pictured above), we also won a freaking award! Yup. We did. “Best New Grocer” in the “2018 Best of the Valley” issue of Phoenix Magazine. How cool is that???!! In our humble opinion, it’s damn cool. We’re debating about buying the plaque, but we do have the magazine to prove it.

Plaque or no plaque, we have a fun decal in our front window commemorating our victory (was there even other grocery stores in the running? What kind of category is this anyway? Never mind. I don’t want to know why we won). Come check it out! We appreciate everyone the voted for us, whomever you are. With all your help, we are just getting better. Thank you for the chance to prove that our community is top-notch.

Until next time! ~s



Rebellious and Independent

Yesterday was a combination of things. First, it was Veggie Rebellion’s first party on our new patio. We’ve had a couple of small gatherings with staff and close friends, but this was a public event.

It wouldn’t be VR without a few snags along the way, but what possibly could we learn if things work out perfectly the first time? I’m typically a slow learner too, so there’s that.

However, there were some exciting highlights:

-Raul’s Cocina’s vegan tamales sold out in record time- just over 1 hour!

-So Juicy Cafe sold out of everything but horchata before the end of the day.

-We had the highest grossing Wednesday since we’ve been a business.

It was beautiful meeting new friends, spending some time with our old friends, and seeing everyone having such a good time.

What I learned for the next event:

-The hose to the mister system leaks, a LOT. Much of the patio was drenched and that wasn’t ideal. So we will be changing a few things.

-The heat at 3pm is much different than 6pm. Wherever possible, later will be better. Because our courtyard is walled on 3 sides, the sun will be in a much better place later in the afternoon as well.

All in all, despite hiccups in communication , technology, and the misters, we had a wonderful time with all our friends in the community. Thank you all for spending your day with us, and allowing us to be a gathering place for us all. You rock!

Until next time…

AZ Microcredit Initiative and VR

A while back the State Press contacted us about Arizona Microcredit Initiative, and to see if we’d be interested in giving an interview. We happily agreed to tell our story.

For people who may not be familiar with how Veggie Rebellion came to be, AMI (a local, student- staffed nonprofit organization, based in Tempe, Arizona) was instrumental in getting us into the Glendale Farmer’s Market. With their funding we bought the necessary tents and tables, as well as bought products to sell at the market. In only a few short months, we found a personal friend that saw how well we were doing and helped us get into a retail space. Without AMI, we never would have gotten the momentum necessary to get to where we are.

Veggie Rebellion and our staff are eternally grateful for their dedication and belief in us.

Here’s the article from the State Press : ARTICLE